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Anna Lange Consiglio

Anna Lange

Anna Lange Consiglio

Anna Lange Consiglio, born in Piacenza on July 3th, 1962, is assistant research professor and laboratory manager of Reproduction Laboratory at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milano (Italy). He graduated in Animal Science (110 magna cum laude) in 1986 and in the same year obtained a graduates position at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milano.

From 1986 up to date, Dr Anna Lange Consiglio has published 64 peer reviewed articles in the fields of the biology of reproduction and regenerative medicine, and 109 congress proceedings. All these papers aim to clarify the connections occurring between male infertility and abnormal sperm chromatin packaging in mammals, studying the role of oxidative stress and apoptosis in influencing nuclear DNA damage in mature sperms. Many other papers regard biotechnology of reproduction in the bovine species including male and female gametes cryopreservation. Since 2008, Dr. Anna Lange Consiglio is responsible for the isolation, culture, expansion and characterization of mesenchymal cells isolated from umbilical cord and amnion in equine, bovine, canine, swine and feline species with the prospect of creating a stem cell bank in order to use these cells in regenerative medicine in the veterinary field. After evaluation in vivo of efficacy of amniotic progenitor cells in regeneration of equine spontaneous tendon lesions, actually, Dr Anna Lange Consiglio is studying the paracrine mechanism of amniotic progenitor cell action focusing on microvesiscles effect on stressed target cells.

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