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Annele Sainio

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Annele Sainio, PhD

I have just recently defended my thesis and work now as a Post Doc in the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Genetics in the University of Turku, Finland. Before that I got a Master of Science degree from the Department of Biology at the University of Turku. Our group leader is Professor Hannu Järveläinen. The aim of our research group is to understand in great detail the roles of specific extracellular matrix macromolecules, particularly proteoglycans and hyaluronan, in disease processes such as atherogenesis, excess angiogenesis and tumorigenesis. Currently we are in a process in developing decorin-based gene therapy for the treatment of human epithelial cancers (e.g. breast, bladder and colon cancers). Selected recent publications:

Sainio A, Nyman M, Lund R, Vuorikoski, S, Boström P, Laato M, Boström PJ, Järveläinen,
H: Lack of decorin expression by human bladder cancer cells offers new tools in the therapy of urothelial malignancies. PlosOne 2013; 8:e76190

Sainio A, Järveläinen H: Extracellular matrix molecules in tumour microenvironment with special reference to desmoplastic reaction and the role of matrix proteoglycans and hyaluronan. J Carcinogene Mutagene 2013; S13-003

Sainio A, Järveläinen  H: Extracellular matrix macromolecules: potential tools and targets in cancer gene therapy. Mol Cell Ther 2014; 2:14

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Nyman MC, Sainio AO, Pennanen MM, Lund RJ, Vuorikoski S, Sundström JT, Järveläinen
HT: Decorin in Human Colon Cancer: Localization In Vivo and Effect on Cancer Cell
Behavior In Vitro. J Histochem Cytochem. 2015; 63:710-720

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