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Antonio Pisani

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Antonio Pisani, MD, PhD

Dr. Pisani is a physician-scientist with a long standing interest in the basic and clinical aspects of basal ganglia dysfunction, with a specific interest in dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. As Head of the Neurophysiology and Plasticity laboratory at Fondazione Santa Lucia, in Rome, he provides guidance in the planning and execution of the experiments. Since 2003-2004, he has been deeply involved in research on dystonia, focusing on the role of striatal function in the pathogenesis of this movement disorder. In detail, he focused on the functional interplay between striatal dopamine and acetylcholine, characterizing the alterations occurring in distinct rodent models of DYT1 dystonia. His long-term commitment to this field of research is witnessed by the number of peer-review publications as well as by the organization of four editions of an international workshop on dystonia (2007-2009-2011-2013). As a neurologist involved full-time in clinical practice, his main scope has been to try to fill the gaps between basic neuroscience and clinical neurology, by working on animal models of human diseases. A number of PhD students as well as residents in Neurology undergo a specific training in both disciplines.

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