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Calum Douglas Sutherland

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Calum Douglas Sutherland, PhD

Dr Sutherland is Director of the Dundee Diabetes Research Centre, a member of the Diabetes UK Research and Strategy Group, the Scottish Executive Translational Medicine Grant committee and is the basic science representative on the Diabetes UK annual conference organising committee. Dr Sutherland graduated from St Andrews University with a BSc in Biochemistry, and obtained his PhD under the supervision of Professor Sir Philip Cohen at the University of Dundee, analysing protein kinase signalling pathways. From 1996 to 2008 he held personal fellowships from the American Diabetes Association, Wellcome Trust and then Diabetes UK (the non-clinical Senior Fellowship). He has elucidated molecular pathways required for insulin regulation of glucose production in the liver, glucose storage in muscle and cell death in the brain. His work has contributed to the understanding of the development of several metabolic diseases including diabetes. In the last 5 years he has studied the molecular connections between diabetes and dementia and established model systems to study mechanisms and interventions for chronic age-related diseases.

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