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Ciriana Orabona


Ciriana Orabona

Ciriana Orabona was born in January, 21st 1972. She is Italian citizen, married with three children. She is currently Researcher of Immunopharmacology at the University of Perugia, Italy. Graduated in Drug Chemistry and Technology in 1997 at the University of Perugia, since 1995 Dr. Orabona has been involved in immunopharmacological research topics. In 2003, she obtained her PhD degree in Experimental Medicine, discussing a thesis on IDO1 enzyme as a new tolerogenic mechanism in dendritic cells. She spent a part (1998-2000) of her PhD training at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Brussels, under the supervision of Dr. JC Renauld, where she acquired great expertise in signal transduction analysis. As early as in 2001, she became the PI of a 1-year grant for young researchers (MIUR), whereby she started studying a new molecular mechanism, later termed ‘reverse signaling’ mediated by B7 molecules expressed on dendritic cells. Since then, she has participated in several national and international grants, through which she had the opportunity to broadly analyze the role of IDO1 in immune tolerance in different disorders, mainly autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation and experimental tumor systems. Many international publications prove the scientific value of the research activity, in which Dr. Orabona is now part as a senior investigator. Specifically, the above studies provided evidence that

(a) tryptophan catabolism in tolerogenic dendritic cells can exert profound immunoregulatory effects on T lymphocytes as well as on otherwise immunostimulatory dendritic cells;

(b) tryptophan catabolism is defective in autoimmune/inflammatory diseases;

(c) tryptophan catabolism represents a fundamental mode of action of specific immunosuppressive drugs. Overall, these experimental observations contributed to establishing IDO1-mediated tryptophan catabolism, as a potential therapeutic target in different types of immunological disorders.

Dr. Orabona has produced 51 scientific peer-reviewed publications. Total papers with IF (JCR 2014)=46; total IF=380.571; mean IF=8.273; total citations: 6535; H-index: 28.

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