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Colin Hendrie


Colin Hendrie, PhD

Colin Hendrie is currently Associate Professor of Human and Animal Ethology in Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds, UK. His PhD studies involved applying ethological techniques to animal models of psychiatric disorders and using this approach to develop new models. He was co-editor of “Ethology and Psychopharmacology” with the late Steven Cooper and is a former Council member of the British Association for Psychopharmacology. Dr Hendrie has collaborated with colleagues all over the globe and has worked with a wide range of laboratory and wild species. His innovations in model development have included an animal model of anxiety based on the calls of aerial predators and a model of depression based on the social manipulation of gerbils (Meriones unguicalutus). Dr Hendrie has worked in this area for over 30 years and has formed the view that whilst animal models of psychiatric disorders are of potentially very great benefit to clinical medicine, this potential has not been fulfilled for a number of clearly identifiable reasons. Most recently he has developed the Third Ventricle Hypothesis of Depression which proposes that the behavioural syndrome associated with depression is the product of the release of an unknown (probably cytokine) inflammatory agent into the third ventricle. Colin Hendrie was voted his institute’s “Lecturer of the Year” for 2012/13 and is co-author of’s ‘Most Viewed Paper’ 2012.

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