Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission is Closed Now

EUSTM-2020 cordially invites researchers, investigators & clinicians from various specialties as well as industry professionals working on any aspect of Corona virology/Covid-19 to submit abstracts in all areas outlined under conference themes and tracks. The conference will represent a unique multidisciplinary virtual platform to discuss latest findings, advancements and approaches for effective management of Covid-19. Abstracts will be selected for virtual presentations or e-posters. The abstracts should be submitted via online submission form.

Congress Themes & Tracks

Latest Developments & Updates in Covid-19 Molecular Medicine

  • Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Corona Virology
  • Host-virus interactions and immunology
  • Virus Transmission and environmental factors
  • Covid-19 Pathology & Autopsy Findings
  • Covid-19 Disease modeling and simulations

New Horizons in Covid-19 Drugs & Vaccines Research & Development

  • Novel Candidates
  • Repurposed/Repositioned Drugs
  • Drugs & Vaccines in:
  • Discovery Stage
  • Pre-clinical stage
  • Clinical Trials

New Developments and Updates in Covid-19 Screening & Diagnostics

  • Biomarkers
  • Rapid Screening Kits
  • Diagnostic Techniques
  • Novel Test Under Regulatory Evaluation

Latest Developments & Updates in Covid-19 Bedside Therapeutics

  • Covid-19 and Comorbidities: Association & Complications
  • Latest Developments & Updates in Covid-19 Therapeutics
  • Novel Covid-19 Clinical Case Reports

Covid-19: Public Health

  • Preventive Measures, Guidelines and Recommendations
  • Lessons & Experiences learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Abstract Submission General Guidelines

  • The authors for accepted abstracts for oral talks will need to submit pre-recorded video presentation (preferably via Zoom, Vimeo, Youtube)
  • The authors for accepted abstracts for poster presentations will need to submit their E-Posters (ppt/video)
  • All abstracts will be peer reviewed on rolling basis and presenting author will be notified once the committee decision is made.
  • Abstracts must be submitted via online submission system ONLY. Abstracts submitted via email, fax or by post will not be considered.
  • Please specify preferred presentation format.
  • Multiple abstracts can be submitted for consideration by one person. But, only one talk per person would be allowed at the congress. Additional accepted abstracts for poster presentation, can be presented by another registered co-authors or by presenting author after paying additional administrative fees.
  • Please select congress track and theme that best describes your submission.
  • Abstract text must not exceed 450 words using 12-Regular Times New Roman font. In addition, up-to 3 tables and/or images can be submitted.
  • All presenters and co-authors must disclose any commercial interest/financial relationship.
  • Please proofread your abstract carefully before submission. Congress team will not be responsible for any typographical errors or other mistakes in the abstract.
  • By submitting an abstract, the presenting author confirms on behalf of all co-authors that all necessary ethical approvals and copyright permissions are obtained and confirms the originality of the work.
  • No further changes in the abstract will be permitted upon acceptance.
  • For technical help regarding abstract submission, please contact conference secretariat via email: [email protected]