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Fengmin Zhang


Fengmin Zhang, PhD, MD

Professor Fengmin Zhang, PhD, MD, is dean of the Basic Medical Science School, Harbin Medical University (HMU), also acting as Director of the Department of Microbiology, HMU. He is the member of the Discipline Evaluation Committee (for Basic Medical Science Disciplines) of the State Council of China, and the Longjiang Scholars awarded by the Heilongjiang provincial government. Prof. Zhang is presently the vice director of the Northern Translational Medicine Research and Collaboration Center of China, the director of the Heilongjiang Provinical Key Laboratory of Infection and Immunity, the chief scientist of the Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Team awarded by the Department of Education, Heilongjiang Province, China, the director of Heilongjiang Provincial Engineering Center for Autoimmune Disease Prevention and Control. Prof. Zhang is also the member of the National Higher Medical Education Committee of China, the member of the Virology Committee of China Medical Society, the member of the Infection, Immunity, and Biological Product Committee of China Microbiology Society, the vice chair of the Heilongjiang Provincial Society of Neurology, the vice chair of the Heilongjiang Provincial Society of Bio-engineering. His research focuses on the basic and translational studies of infection- and immune-related disease prevention and control.

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