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Gabriella Castoria

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Gabriella Castoria, MD, PhD

Gabriella Castoria is a specialist in steroid hormone signaling. She graduated with an honors in Medicine at University of Naples ‘Federico II’, and subsequently carried out a PhD in steroid receptor action at University ‘Federico II’ of Naples. This was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship and subsequently by a position of Associate, and then Full Professor at Department of General Pathology- II University of Naples. At II University of Naples, she established a research programme on rapid steroid action and human hormone-dependent cancers and contributed to education and training programmes. She is currently continuing the research activity in this field to better understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for breast and prostate cancer progression and contributing to education at the II University of Naples. She is Associate Member of Faculty 1000 Biology, grant reviewer for M.I.U.R (Italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research) and Associate Editor of Frontiers editorial board. She serves as a referee for many journals and special projects in the field of steroid hormones.

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