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Heike Allgayer

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Heike Allgayer, MD, PhD

Prof. Dr. med. Heike Allgayer, MD, PhD, is the Department Head of Experimental Surgery at the Mannheim Medical Faculty of University of Heidelberg, Germany, and also Head of the Molecular Oncology of Solid Tumors Unit at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg. She received her MD and Dr. med. (summa cum laude) at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in 1995/1996, and her PhD (in molecular biology) at the University of Houston-MD Anderson Cancer Center in 1999. As a board-certified surgeon and molecular biologist she sees her mission in bridging basic research and the treatment of cancer patients as a dedicated translational researcher. Her major research interests include tumor progression, invasion and metastasis, molecular determinants of response to novel therapeutics, translational research, and molecular staging of cancer.
Her many well-received publications and research activities have received 22 scientific awards, including the Research Award of the Alfried-Krupp-von-Bohlen-und-Halbach-Foundation (one of the highest (1 million Euro), most prestigious and competitive research awards in Germany), the Langenbeck and Sauerbruch Research Award, the Young Investigator Award of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), and the Research Award of the Ingrid zu Solms-Foundation, for which she currently also serves as the Chair of the Fellowship of the Awardees. She is active member of, for example, the AACR (currently serving as a member of the AACR Surgical Oncology Task Force), ASCO, and EACR (serving as Council Member and Ambassador representing Germany there), founder of the International Meeting series on “Molecular Staging of Cancer”, and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cancer.

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