Prof. William Dean Wallace

Updates in Lung Cancer Pathology Classification and Testing Recommendations

Prof. Xinmin Li

Spatial Transcriptomics: Technologies, Applications and Experimental Considerations

Dr Giuseppe Luigi Banna

immunotherapy Prognostic models for lung & urology cancers

Prof. Antonio Facchiano

Investigating gene expression of immunotherapy targets, in 31 cancer types

Prof. Zuo-Feng Zhang

Epidemiology of Liver Cancer, a Population-based Case-control Study

Prof. Aysun Adan

Immunophenotypic landscape of FLT3-ITDmut AML: Novel immunotargets

Prof. Tony Y. Hu

Quantification of circulating tumor-derived extracellular vesicles for cancer detection and treatment monitoring

Dr Gottfried E. Konecny

The target invites a foe: Antibody-drug conjugates in gynecologic oncology

Prof. CI Weimin

Single-cell atlases link macrophages and CD8+ T-cell in immunotherapy response in urothelial carcinoma

Prof. Oliver Dorigo

Therapeutic Vaccines for Ovarian Cancer

Dr Otavio Marques

Systems Immunology of COVID-19: shedding new light on unanswered questions

Prof. Adam E. Snook

GUCY2C-directed vaccines for GI cancer recurrence prevention

Prof. Jianyu Rao

New advacements in Immunotherapy for Solid Tumors

Prof. Giuseppe Lippi

Transitioning from molecular to antigenic SARS-CoV-2 testing

Prof. YoungJik Kwon

Dendritic cell-derived extracellular blebs for cell-based, cell-free vaccination

Prof. Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat

A 3D Bioprinted Breast Cancer Model for Immunotherapy

Prof. Delia Goletti

New tests for tuberculosis infection

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