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Jes S. Lindholt


Jes S. Lindholt, (DMSci), PhD

Prof. Jes S. Lindholt is appointed as Professor and Consultant in Vascular Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery T, University Hospital of Odense, Denmark. In addition, Honory (adjuncted) professor in Vascular Epidemiology at the Clinical Institute at Aarhus University, Denmark. Academic editor of PloS ONE and Editorial board member of the Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. His research is focused translational vascular medicine combing a broad range of techniques as population-based screening trials, pharmacoepidemiology, biomarkers, functional imaging, and animal models. Former work-package leader for clinical databases and biobanks in the FP7 large scaled project “Fighting Aneurysmal Disease (FAD)”. He has gathered a total of more than 160 papers, and has a current H-index of 33.

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