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Mansour Bassiri

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Mansour Bassiri, PhD

Dr. Bassiri completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, and his Masters and Doctoral in Microbiology. His doctoral and post-doctoral research trainings in the area of infectious diseases were at the University of California, Davis. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Bassiri’s academic and industry research interests have been in various aspects of infectious diseases including the study of oncogenic (cancer causing) retroviruses. His post-graduate research work extends to soft tissue infection and its role in wound healing. His academic experience includes research faculty positions at U.C. Davis School of Medicine. Prior to founding Bioxiness, Dr. Bassiri was a scientific co-founder of the publically traded anti-infective company, NovaBay Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, he held the role of VP of research & development for a biotech venture at a stem cell company. He has gained academic and industry recognition for his research interests with relevant publications and patents. Since 2007 he has been the founder and CEO of Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals. In addition to his role as chief scientific officer of Bioxiness, Dr. Bassiri serves as a member of industry consultant team at UCSF’s clinical translation science institute and is also a scientific advisory board member of the medical device company, FosmoMed. Currently at the Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals Dr. Bassiri is involved with discovery and development of a new class of antibiotics employing novel chemistry and delivery approach to target methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) within pathogenic bacterial cells.

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