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Mauro Magnani


Mauro Magnani, PhD

Dr Magnani is Professor of Biochemistry and Director Section of Biotechnology, University of Urbino, Italy and co-founder of two start-up companies: Diatheva SrL  and EryDel SpA. He is awarded “Genomic Pioneers” by HUGO, Paul Harris Fellow from The Rotary Foundation. He is included in the list of “Top Italian Scientists”. Referee for different Programmes of the EU; The International Science Foundation (USA); Czech Academy of Sciences; The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation  Funding of Romania; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and several Italian programmes. His Current research include: Red blood cell as drug-delivery systems and as circulating bioreactors; Development and delivery of biologics; Drug efficacy, resistance and drug toxicity; Pharmacogenetic profiling; Nanomaterials in drug delivery and imaging; Recombinant vaccine production; HIV-persistence and reservoirs. He has published over 400 articles in international refereed scientific journals; inventor in 15 patents/patent applications. He is reviewer for more than 50 international journals including Nature Biotechnology, Drugs; Blood; Journal of Internal Medicine; Oncogene; Gene; Nanomedicine etc. and editorial board member for the Current Drug Targets; The Open Pharmacology Journal; Biotechnology and World Journal of Pharmacology.

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