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Moez Al-Islam Mahmoud Faris

Moez Al-Islam

Prof. Moez Al-Islam Mahmoud Faris

Dr. Mo’ez –Al-Islam Faris was born in Kuwait, and holds Jordanian citizenship. Dr Faris got his three higher university degrees from the University of Jordan in the field of human nutrition. Recently, Dr. Faris has been completed Harvard Medical School/ Global Clinical Scholar Research Training (GCSRT) Program. Dr. Faris works now as an assistant professor the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics/University of Sharjah, with fifteen years’ experience in the academic field in four Arabian universities. Dr. Faris published more than 50 original research and review articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings and abstracts, with dozens of public articles in popular magazines in different Arab countries. Dr Faris is a an author and co-author in a list of scientific and academic refereed books and participated in editing and reviewing a number of important Arabic books in nutrition. Recently, he had published his refereed scientific book on Nutrition and Cancer. Dr Faris holds the State Award for the Excellent PhD Student from Jordan 2010, The Best PhD Dissertation Award at the University of Jordan in 2009, and was nominated for the Prize for Young Scientists in the First International Conference for Functional Foods in Slovakia, 2009. Dr Faris presented in about twenty local, regional and international conferences and workshops in the areas of food and nutrition, in addition to providing dozens of lectures in cultural and scientific societies, as well as attending different mass media. Dr Faris is a member and a founder of a number of associations and professional societies and specialized committees.

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