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New Horizons in Clinical Case Reports (NHCCR)

NHCCRNew Horizons in Clinical Case Reports (NHCCR) is an official publication of the European Society for Translational Medicine. NHCCR is an online, open access, sister journal of the New Horizons in Translational Medicine (NHTM). NHCCR publishes high quality case reports from all clinical specialties. Published Case reports provide new insight and contribute to advance medical knowledge.

NHCCR especially welcomes following types of case reports:

  • Unusual clinical disorder/disease presentation
  • Unusual associations between clinical disorders and signs & symptoms
  • Unexpected findings during treatment
  • Unexpected or rare adverse drug effects or interactions
  • Studies on novel procedure/diagnostic techniques
  • Rare diseases presentations and management
  • New infections or disease outbreak in local community
  • Clinically significant images

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