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Rossella Tomaiuolo

R. Tomaiuolo-2

Rossella Tomaiuolo, MD, PhD

Dr Rossella Tomaiuolo is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology at University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy. Her main research topics are the development of diagnostic technologies for molecular diagnosis of hereditary genetic diseases with high social impact. To date, her primary interest is developing of diagnostic strategies for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. She was Principal Investigator and/or Coordinator of some funded research projects. She is Reviewer for international journals, including Journal of Translational Medicine, Experimental Oncology, Journal of Medical Genetics, Human Reproduction, BMC Pulmonary Medicine, Clinical Chemisrty and Laboratory Medicine. Since 2014 she is Associate Editor of Biochimica Clinica (official journal of of the Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry-SIBioC, member of European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine). Dr. Rossella Tomaiuolo is author of more than 40 publications in international peer review journals and (Co)-Author of more than 60 communications in national and international conferences in the field of laboratory medicine and biotechnology.

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