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Ulrich Pfeffer

Ulrich Pfefer

Ulrich Pfeffer, PhD

Ulrich Pfeffer is currently Head of the Functional Genomics lab at the San Martino Hospital, National Institute for Cancer Research in Genoa, Italy and contract professor for bioinformatics at the University of Genoa. He has been trained as a molecular biologist and received his PhD at the Free University of Berlin in 1987 presenting a thesis on histone acetylation. Since 1987 he is working at the National Cancer Research Institute in Genoa, since 1993 tenured. His current research is in the field of Cancer Genomics with projects on breast cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer and uveal melanoma. Aim of his research is the personalization of therapy through the identification of drug targets, improved prognostication and response prediction. He also has a longstanding experience in cancer chemoprevention with particular attention to plant polyphenols. The idea behind these studies is to generate a match between the cancer (or the metastasis) to be prevented, the genetic background of the patient and the molecular mechanisms of the compounds proposed for chemoprevention.

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