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Pre – Conference Workshop

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31, August, 2015

Systems modeling of disease mechanism for target/biomarker identification

Instructor: Dr. Erfan Younesi, PhD
Fraunhofer Institute, Germany.
09:00 – 12:30
Duration: Half Day


This workshop provides participants with the underlying principles of computational disease modeling for target/biomarker identification and addresses how these methods are applied in the field of drug and biomarker discovery. It will explore approaches to accessing data, combining different data types and introduce the tools available to assist analysis work. The workshop comprises of practical sessions, which will guide participants in retrieving and extracting disease-specific knowledge from the literature for building contextual disease-specific models and analysing such models for interesting pathways and target candidates in the context of disease mechanism.

Learning Key point

  • Disease-specific information retrieval and extraction for model building
  • Construction & integrative analysis of disease-specific mechanistic models
  • Model-based identification and prioritization of target candidates

Target Audience

  • Molecular biologists
  • Scientists in industry and academia
  • Postgraduates and postdocs



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