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Hangzhou Zhiwei Information Technology Co. Ltd (Zhiwei) pioneers the integration of artificial intelligence into cytopathology. Through cutting-edge innovation, it offers global AI solutions for cytopathology. Over a decade of technological advancement, Zhiwei has emerged as a global leader in the intricate realm of bone marrow cell morphology analysis—a formidable frontier in AI-empowered cytopathology. Zhiwei stands out as the pioneering force behind the first-ever worldwide launch of Morphogo, a fully automated system for bone marrow cell morphology analysis and diagnosis. Its product registration spans key regions including China, Japan, the European Union, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with business footprints extending across thirty nations. Guided by the mission to “revolutionize medical diagnostics with artificial intelligence,” Zhiwei remains unwavering in its pursuit of breakthroughs, propelling clinical pathology toward an era marked by automation, standardization, digitization, and intellectualization.

Jun Health Co. Ltd

Jun Health is the world’s leading single-cell tumor diagnostic company and the first to verify that the Nobel-Prize-winning Warburg effect was applicable to body fluid samples. It created the original single-cell clinical detection platform HK2-seq, with “glucose metabolism markers + single-cell sequencing “technology and published papers in first – class journals such as PNAS, Nature Communications, Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry.

Jun Health researched and developed product lines for the detection of rare tumor cells in urine , serous effusion, blood, and other samples. Much of the equipment and kits are approved by National Medical Products Administration of China. Currently , the product is used in clinical application and research cooperation with Fudan Cancer Hospital, Beijing Hospital, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Huashan Hospital, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, and the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University.

The non – invasive testing kit, Uro™, was awarded the highest honor at the college – level by China International Industry Fair in 2020, and was given the Most Industrial Valuable Award at the Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Technology Conference hosted by CSCO.