The European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM) is a neutral global healthcare organization whose principal objective is to accelerate the process of transforming scientific discoveries into health benefits for patients.

EUSTM Mission

Our mission is to streamline & enhance the progression of medical innovations from the laboratory to the patient. We strive to connect and engage various stakeholders in biomedical research, clinical practice, and healthcare policy, fostering a robust ecosystem that promotes the rapid implementation of research breakthroughs into tangible healthcare solutions. Our emphasis is on a patient-focused approach, ensuring all medical advancements are directly aligned with patient needs.

EUSTM Vision

We envisage a future where the time between a scientific discovery and its application in patient care is drastically reduced. We aim to establish a culture of international and cross-disciplinary collaboration as a standard practice, accelerating the journey from bench to bedside. We see a world where every patient has the opportunity to benefit from the latest scientific advancements, thus improving global health outcomes.

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