Working to streamline the progression of medical innovations from the laboratory to oncology & immunotherapy patients

About Us

European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM)

The European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM) is a neutral global healthcare organization whose principal objective is to accelerate the process of transforming scientific discoveries into health benefits for patients in Oncology & Immunotherapeutics Therapy Areas.


Our mission is to streamline & enhance the progression of medical innovations from the laboratory to the patient in Oncology & Immunotherapeutics Therapy Areas (5 years Focussed Therapy Areas). We strive to connect and engage various stakeholders in biomedical research, clinical practice, and healthcare policy, fostering a robust ecosystem that promotes the rapid implementation of research breakthroughs into tangible healthcare solutions in focussed TAs. Our emphasis is on a patient-focused approach, ensuring all medical advancements are directly aligned with patient needs in EUSTM focussed TAs.


We envisage a future where the time between a scientific discovery and its application in patient care is drastically reduced in Oncology & Immunotherapeutics Therapy Areas (TAs). We aim to establish a culture of international and cross-disciplinary collaboration as a standard practice, accelerating the journey from bench to bedside. We see a world where every patient has the opportunity to benefit from the latest scientific advancements, thus improving global health outcomes.



  • To accelerate the process of transforming scientific discoveries into health benefits for patients in Oncology & Immunotherapeutics Therapy Areas
  • To standardize TM practice including models, tools and expertise.
  • To accredit labs/centers/ institutions/companies, involved in high quality TM practice/services.
  • To provide continuing educational and training programs for clinicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals.
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among clinicians, scientists, patients, academia and industry in Focussed TAs.
  • To disseminate and timely communication of innovations and discoveries to wider public, patients and policy makers.
  • To provide high quality strategic TM related consulting services.
  • To build a multidisciplinary, global community of researchers, healthcare providers, and policy makers.



We acknowledge the power of collective efforts. By integrating different disciplines, we aim to expedite the development of advanced healthcare solutions in Oncology & Immunotherapeutics Therapy Areas (TAs).


We foster an environment conducive to innovative thinking. We appreciate that groundbreaking healthcare solutions stem from creative ideas and approaches.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of our activities, knowing that trust, honesty, and transparency are pivotal in achieving our goals.


We commit to minimizing health disparities by ensuring everyone, irrespective of their location or circumstances, benefits from the newest and most efficient healthcare solutions.


We are devoted to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of translational medicine among healthcare professionals, recognizing that education is key to the growth and success.

Initiatives & Programs

Translational Medicine Consulting Services

Provides high quality strategic TM related consulting services to industry for rapid translation of scientific discoveries into therapeutics.

Annual Conferences & Symposia

Host annual conferences & Symposia that bring together clinicians, researchers, healthcare professionals, and policy makers to share insights, discuss challenges, and collaborate on solutions in TAs.

Professional Development & Training Programs

Offers continuing educational (CME/CPD) and professional certifications programs through ATMP Academy to educate and train professionals in the latest advancements and techniques.


Published a TM textbook ‘TM tools and techniques’ which act as a reference guide for instituions. In addition, EUSTM author the consensus and position articles on needed areas, supervised by EUSTM boards and experts panels.

Advocacy Initiatives

Advocate for policies that support translational medicine research and the speedy adoption of new healthcare solutions, ensuring that patients can benefit from innovations as quickly as possible.

Patient Engagement Initiatives

Develop initiatives to engage patients to educate and understand their needs and perspectives, ensuring that translational medicine research and solutions are patient centred.

Public Education Campaigns

EUSTM develops timely campaigns to increase public awareness and understanding of novel discoveries and findings in Focussed TAs and their potential impact on healthcare. This can help build public support and potentially influence healthcare policy.