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Translational Medicine Certification

Professional Certification in Translational Medicine (PCTM)

Professional Certification in Translational Medicine (PCTM) program is designed by the Academy of Translational Medicine Professionals (ATMP) to set the standards for excellence in field of translational medicine and to promote and maintain high quality in clinical research. After Translational Medicine certification approval, successful individuals may use the title PCTM.

Translational Medicine Certification Program Accreditation

Professional Certification in Translational Medicine (PCTM) program is accredited by the European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM). Certification is valid for two years from date of certification approval. Certification renewal application can be made after two years.

Translational Medicine Certification Benefits

  • After certification approval you may use the postnominals ‘PCTM’
  • Certification may increase your job opportunities and/or promotional possibilities by highlighting you from other colleagues and pool of other candidates.
  • Discount on registration fees for the EUSTM Annual Conferences.
  • Discount on publication charges for the EJMCM journal.
  • Keep updated with latest developments and trends in translational medicine field.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with key opinion leaders (KOLs) & decision makers from academia & industry.
  • Certification will show your competency to conduct and manage Translational Medicine studies & Projects.
  • Certification demonstrates your commitment to the advancement of Translational Medicine.

Application Procedure


Program Application is open to those who are professionally involved in either benchside, bedside or community healthcare. Applicants must demonstrate commitment to advance Translational Medicine field. Eligible disciplines include cellular & molecular biology, genetics, microbiology & immunology, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, drug discovery & development, biophysics & engineering, stem cells & regenerative medicine, public health & epidemiology, data mining & management, biomarkers and clinicians. For other fields, please contact the academy to check your eligibility.

The program is especially suitable for:

  • Industry professionals (Pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic companies, CROs, research reagent suppliers, IT service providers, data management companies)
  • Medical affairs personnel (medical directors, medical advisors, MSLs)
  • Clinician research physicians, clinical research associates (CRAs)
  • Clinical trial leaders and managers
  • Public health professionals
  • Regulatory affairs professionals
  • Academic faculty members and researchers
  • Post graduate students and scholars

Online Application Phase

Applications are accepted at anytime. Please first read the PCTM rules and regulations here. The Applicants must submit online Application Form along with CVs/resumes. For online application form: Click Here

Evaluation Phase

The ATMP educational board will evaluate and make final decisions on all submitted applications. Some of the parameters of evaluation process include:

  • Translational Medicine knowledge
  • Experience
  • Publications
  • Projects/Grants personally supervised
  • Awards/honors
  • Established Leadership record
  • Presentations/Talks at national/international conferences
  • Memberships in scientific organizations
  • In-depth review of all submitted material by the applicants.

Based on evaluation, The ATMP educational board will assign a suitable category to the applicants.

  • Category One
    Applicants in this category will receive certification based on evaluation of their track records and experience without qualifying examination. Professionals with more than two years specialized experience and significant achievements track record in the field falls under this category.
  • Category Two
    Applicants under this category must successfully complete the qualifying examination in order to become eligible for membership. Applicants with less than two years’ experience in their respective fields falls under this category. Qualifying examination is held once a year at occasion of Annual Congress of the European society for Translational Medicine. Further details about qualifying examination: Click Here


Certification Fee (annual):

EUSTM Members: 400 €
Non-EUSTM Members: 500 €

Contact ATMP

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