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PCTM Qualifying Examination & Preparatory Course


Applicants assigned ‘Category Two’ must successfully complete the qualifying examination in order to become eligible for PCTM certification.

Exam Format & Duration

MCQs type (30 minutes)

Upcoming Dates & Venue

Qualifying examination is held at occasion of Annual Conferences of the European society for Translational Medicine.

Qualifying Examination Preparation

Recommended reading literature list will be provided to the applicants upon registration.

Qualifying Examination Syllabus

  • TM General Concepts & Global Situation
  • Biomarkers in Clinical Trials
  • Data Mining & Management
  • Disease Modelling
  • Omics Sciences
  • Community Health

– For comprehensive preparation of the qualifying exam, the academy recommend to consult the book


Translational Medicine: Tools And Techniques” 1st Edition”

PCTM Certification Process Fees

  • PCTM Qualifying Exam Fee: 250 US$
  • PCTM Annual Renewal fee: 350 US$

For further details, please contact the ATMP Academy at: [email protected]

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