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Prof. Gottfried Köhler

Vice President

Gottfried Köhler, PhD, FAcadTM

Currently Based in Vienna, Prof. Köhler is group leader for bio-molecular optical spectroscopy at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories and University of Vienna. Prof. Köhler is also serving as chair of the advisory board for the European Society for Translational Medicine. His main scientific interest is the use of fluorescence methods to obtain quantitative understanding of mechanisms in living cells. The application of these highly sensitive methods in medical diagnostics promoted the foundation of a biotech in medical diagnostic field. Gottfried Koehler received PhD in physics from the University of Vienna and has worked at the Max Planck Institute of Radiation Chemistry, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Institute for Extreme Materials at the Osaka University. Prof. Köhler is management committee member (Subs) of the European Commission’s COST action to Focus and Accelerate Cell-based Tolerance-inducing Therapies (A FACTT). Prof. Köhler is invited speaker at various international biomedical conferences. He is also editorial board member for many international peer reviewed journals.