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Annarita Farina


Annarita Farina, PhD

Dr Annarita Farina is a biologist with a PhD in “Design and application of molecules of biotechnological interest” from the Second University of Naples (Italy). She joined the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 2006, where she was appointed Maitre-Assistante in 2011. She actually heads the “Digestive Cancers Proteomics” group, a multidisciplinary team belonging to the Department of Human Protein Science and the Department of Internal Medicine Specialties of the Faculty of Medicine. Her research projects are mainly devoted to the study of difficult-to-diagnose digestive lesions with a focus on the search for clinically relevant biomarkers in proximal body fluids collected in the presence of pancreatic, biliary and peritoneal malignancies. Dr Farina has an extensive background in biochemistry and clinical/translational proteomics. She works in tight collaboration with gastroenterologists from national and foreign hospitals, taking advantage from their clinical experience to build a comprehensive and dynamic framework essential for the reliable translation of proteomic results into the clinical diagnostic setting. Dr Farina has authored or co-authored about 30 peer review articles and is a member of the Editorial Board of the BiOMARKERS journal.

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