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Prof. Jianyu Rao


Jianyu Rao, MD, FAcadTM

Dr. Jianyu Rao is a tenured full professor of pathology and epidemiology at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He is the chief of Cytopathology, the ex-director of gynecological pathology, the director of international telepathology, and the medical director of cytotechnology school. He is a renowned expert in the areas of cancer biomarker and prevention studies, molecular cytopathology, urological cancer pathology and gynecological pathology, digital pathology, and cancer nanomechanical studies. He is a fellow of College of American Pathologist (FCAP), Fellow of Academy of Translational Medicine (FacdTM), Member of Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, a Member of California Nanosystem Institute, and a visiting professor of Zhejiang University.

He has been invited to be a speaker for over 150 meetings with over 150 peer-reviewed research publications. His notable accomplishments include established the first-ever international Telepathology program for patient second opinion consultation, investigated cytoskeletal actin remodeling in cancer development and progression, and studied cellular nano-mechanical profiling as a biomarker for cancer.