Working to streamline the progression of medical innovations from the laboratory to oncology & immunotherapy patients

Dr Safeera Khan


Dr. Safeera Khan, MD, FAcadTM

Dr. Safeera Khan is a Medical Doctor, a Public Health Specialist, a mentor, an Educator, a researcher, and a Published Author with over 100 publications. She has expressed these roles through her dedication to the prevention and improvement of population health and public health care conditions by highlighting the IPC measures, their clinical implementation, along with the clinical roles. This passion is further driven by the bond that is established with the patients and beneficiaries over the years. She graduated from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, in 2004. She is working as a Public Health Specialist and has over 15 years of experience, working as a physician. She did her Clinical education certificate and a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research from Michener Institute at UHN, Toronto, Canada. She had been teaching and mentoring students for several years. She is passionate about teaching and is a life-long learner.