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Training Courses

Multiple training courses are offered for ongoing continuing education and training of clinicians and scientists at all levels:

  • Disease Understanding & Management ( Multiple Specialties)
  • Data Mining & Management
  • Good Clinical practice (GCP)
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Biomarkers Discovery & Validations
  • Precision Medicine & Companion Diagnostics
  • Disease Modelling Approaches
  • Understanding Omics Tools
  • Understanding Regulatory Affairs


Training workshops are offered for clinicians in multiple specialties and scientists in order to teach them practical skills and knowledge:

  • Clinical Disorders Management Workshops for Clinicians (Multiple Specialties)
  • Grant Writing
  • Publication Writing Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research Projects Management
  • Intellectual Property Rights and patents Management
  • Research Ethics Workshop
  • Communication skills
  • Biomarkers discovery
  • Drug Safety and Toxicology
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Medical Device Trials

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