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Webinars and Webcasts

Webinars and webcasts are offered for clinicians (multiple specialties) and scientists to keep them updated with advancements in their respective specialties:

New biomarkers for the early detection of hypertension & diabetes-induced target organ damage

Presenter: Carols Martinez Salgado

Delivered at EUSTM-2014 Congress

Webcast: Targeting angiogenic factors in cancer: more than inhibiting neovascularization

Presenter: Aristotelis Bamias

Delivered at EUSTM-2014 Congress

  • Understanding Translational Medicine: Benefits, Innovative Strategies and Approaches, Global
  • Initiatives and Programs
  • Diabetes Drug Development
  • Vaccination Development for Infectious Diseases
  • Neurobiology and Treatment of Aggression: A Translational Approach
  • Oncology Drug Development hurdles and solutions
  • Translational Bioinformatics Tools
  • Neurosciences Drug Development hurdles and solutions
  • Biomarkers discovery & Validations
  • Virology Drug Development hurdles and solutions
  • Data mining & management tools
  • Imaging Biomarkers
  • Translational Animal Modelling
  • Introduction to Epigenetics
  • Introduction to FDA Regulations

and many others.

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